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About AgroConnect

AgroConnect promotes eBusiness in agriculture. The members of the AgroConnect association are companies and organisations that trade goods, services, products and produce with farmers. This includes input providers, agricultural cooperatives, the food processing industry, solution providers, advisory services, accountant offices, governmental organisations, etc.

A special group of stakeholders are the providers of farm management information systems (FMIS providers). The FMIS is for the farmer the pivot point for data exchange.

All these companies and organisations share a common goal and that is to enable easy data exchange in the agricultural supply chain between all parties involved.

AgroConnect members that comply to AgroConnect standards are active in the maintenance working groups on their own account. AgroConnect is a non-profit organisation with a ‘lean and mean’ staff.

The type of standards that are promoted by AgroConnect are:

  • standard data models
  • standard interface definitions (EDI-messages, API’s) for data interchange
  • standards for identifying farms, persons, crop fields, animal, batches
  • all type of standard code lists, e.g. for crop types, soil types, animal types, etc.
  • standard protocols for data exchange

AgroConnect tries to achieve this by:

  • supporting the implementation of existing standards (ISO, UN/CEFACT, GS1)
  • if necessary, develop new standards
  • maintaining existing standards, organise the working groups
  • addressing bottlenecks in data exchange
  • being the linking pin tot standardisation organisations like UN/CEFACT, ISO, GS1.
  • working close together with other organisations in this field (like AgGateway Europe, Frugicom, FlorIcode, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • organising seminars and special working group meetings on special innovative topics