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AgroConnect, organisation and governance

The members of the AgroConnect association are in charge, they appoint the board of directors (six representatives of the member companies) in their general assembly. The board of directors installs the general manager to run the organisation. The development and maintenance of AgroConnect standards is taken care of by six different committees, each specialised in a specific domain. At this moment these domains are: dairy production, pork production, arable production, laboratory analysis, business transactions. The committees meet, in average, twice a year and if necessary more often.

The developed standards and implementation guidelines are free to use for the AgroConnect members, and are available for non-members for a fair price.

Currently, the membersof the board of directors are:

  • Martin Vervoorn (Eurofins Agro, chairman)
  • Melanie Murk (FarmTrace)
  • Bert van 't Land (CRV)
  • René Schunselaar (Cosun - Sensus)
  • Marc Cox (AgriSyst)
  • Bernard van Raaij (Q-Ray)
  • Frido Affourtit (ABAB)