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Mission and vision

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Our mission, what we stand for:

AgroConnect’s mission is to ease data sharing in the world of agribusiness both nationally and internationally, through collaboration, standardization and improving knowledge to champion our members and their clients.

Our vision, why we are relevant:

In the agricultural sector a revolution is under way with robots, drones, digitization and internationalization of the market. The application of IT in agriculture and the food chain is increasing at a phenomenal rate. More and more companies use smart farming. There is a growing need for supply chain transparency. And data is used in (near) real time for several aims. All this requires a lot of the companies that are active in this market, because of the speed and frequency with which data must be available. Members of AgroConnect share our vision towards an open information architecture that is necessary for a successful development of the NL agribusiness. It is essential to have a common agreement on how to exchange data. Therefor AgroConnect facilitates activities where standardization, collaboration and knowledge sharing can take shape.